About Us

‘A home away from home’

Located just outside Hillsboro, Ohio, Whiteoak View Bed & Breakfast is a relaxing getaway with a country feel. The farm is owned and operated by Jeff and Kim Hauke and their family. Guests will quickly learn of the heritage of the family’s farm during their stay as memories of six generations being involved in agriculture are displayed throughout the home. The bed and breakfast features four bedrooms, a full kitchen, two full baths, a large deck, wrap-around porch, fish and release pond, and nearby hiking, restaurants and shopping. Whiteoak View Bed & Breakfast offers quiet, country living away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. To learn more about Whiteoak View or to schedule a stay, call 937-403-3388 or 937-763-4150.

Our History

The breeding of Angus cattle in the Hauke family goes back six generations. It started before the 1900’s with Vic’s grandfather registering cattle as O.E. and C.W. Hauke. From an old farm ledger, we discovered they had four registered cows: Meg, Miney, Queen, and Becky.

Vic’s grandfather also sold and showed cattle, often walking them to the nearest railroad for transportation. He attended such shows as the Chicago International.

In the 1930’s, Vic’s father acquired the Angus herd and re-registered the cattle as H.H. Hauke and Sons. Shortly after acquiring the herd, his father tested positive for brucellosis and tuberculosis, so they had to sell the entire herd and start over with buying a few heifers and a bull. At this time, in 1938, Vic was given his first registered Angus heifer for an FFA project. Vic’s father lost his health in 1944, so the responsibility of the cattle became Vic’s. 

When Vic and Marilynn married and had children, they registered the cattle as Victor Hauke and Sons of Whiteoak View Farm.

Over time, transporting cattle had become easier, so they attended many shows. In 1958 their oldest, Daun, won Champion Steer at the Ohio State Fair. The steer was a purebred Angus raised on the farm. This same year, she was Angus Queen. In 1959 she won Champion Angus Heifer, also raised at home. The youngest, Jeff, won Grand Champion Angus Heifer at the Ohio State Fair in 1976, also raised on the farm. All their children have showed many champions at local, state, and national shows. Granddaughter, Elizabeth, showed the Reserve Grand Champion Female (WK Queen of Diamonds) at the 1992 Atlantic National in Baltimore, MD. That same year, she went on to win the Ohio Silver Show Award for Girls. Her three sons, Cameron, Braydon, and Ashton now show cattle as the sixth generation. 

Their five children are Daun, Harold, Vickie (deceased), Jean, and Jeff. They also had 13 grandchildren and 26 great grandchildren. 

The six generations are as follows: 1) O.E. and C.W. Hauke; 2) H.H. Hauke and Sons; 3) Victor Hauke and Sons; 4) Jeff Hauke (son); 5) Elizabeth Hauke Burkard (grand-daughter); 6) The Burkard Family (great grandsons).